【NAVAL TODAY】5月31日配信

Keel Laying for First-Rank Patrol Ship Designed for Russian Coast Guard »
On May 30 Zelenodolsk Shipyard laid down a keel for a first-rank patrol ship Ocean; it is the first ocean-going ship designed for Russian Coast Guard, the yard’s press service told Central Navy Portal. Among...

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UK: HMS Shoreham Sails into Three-Year Deployment »
Slipping silently into the waters of the Firth of Clyde, Royal Navy mine hunter, HMS Shoreham on May 28 left her home port of HM Naval Base Clyde for a three-year deployment. The high-tech Sandown...

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USS Blue Ridge Departs Pattaya »
Sailors from U.S. 7th Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19), embarked 7th Fleet staff, and Marines from the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Pacific departed from Laem Chaebang, Thailand after a five-day port visit. The...

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USS Underwood Concludes UNITAS PAC »
The closing ceremony for the multi-national exercise designed to improve interoperability between the U.S. and South and Central American navies, UNITAS Pacific (PAC), was held in Callao, Peru, May 25. The Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile...

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UK: HMS Diamond Ready for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations »
Bae Systems has recently completed a scheduled programme of engineering for HMS Diamond in time for her to take top billing and launch Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations on 1 June 2012. The...

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Future Submarine Project the Biggest Endeavour of Australian Defence »
Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare announced that the first meeting of the Future Submarine Industry Skills Plan Expert Industry Panel was held yesterday. “The Future Submarine Project is the biggest and most complex Defence...

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CARAT 2012 Begins in Indonesia »
A joint military exercise dubbed “Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training 2012″ (CARAT) commenced on May 30 in Indonesia’s East Java province, the protagonists being Indonesian navy and its U.S. counterpart, Xinhua news portal informed. The...

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Turkish Navy to Take Over Fifth Vessel within LCT Project »
The fifth vessel of Landing Craft Tank (LCT) project undertaken by ANADOLU Shipyard for the Turkish Navy, namely TCG Ç-155, will be delivered on June 1st 2012 Friday, Anadolu Shipyard announced on May 29. A...





米第7艦隊旗艦USSブルーリッジ(LCC 19)から船員は第7艦隊のスタッフに着手し、艦隊テロ対策のセキュリティチームの太平洋からの海兵隊は、5日間の寄港後、レムチャバンChaebang、タイから出発した。 ...


USSアンダーウッドUNITAS PACを締結»


BAEシステムズは、最近彼女がトップ課金を取り、2012年6月1日に女王陛下のダイヤモンドジュビリー·セレブレーションを起動するための時間のHMS Diamondのエンジニアリングのスケジュールプログラムを完了しています。 ...


防衛資材ジェイソンクレア大臣は、今後の海底産業スキルプランのエキスパート産業パネルの最初の会合が開かれたことを発表しました。 "未来の海底プロジェクトは、最大かつ最も複雑な防衛は...


CARAT 2012年インドネシアで開始»
"海上協力準備と訓練2012"(カラット)と呼ばれる合同軍事演習は、インドネシアの東ジャワ州、インドネシア海軍と米国のカウンターパートである主人公に5月30日に開始し、新華ファイナンスニュースポータルが伝えた。 ...


トルコ海軍、すなわちTCG C-155アナドル造船所によって行わランディングクラフトタンク(LCT)プロジェクトの第五容器は2012年6月1日金曜日に配信され、アナドル造船は5月29日に発表した。 A. ..


30/05/2012 L’association «L’Arche» embarque sur la Grande Hermine
30/05/2012 Prévision de diffusion du «Journal de la Défense» sur LCP pour le mois de juin 2012

30/05/2012 La frégate de surveillance Prairial fait route cap au Nord vers le Mexique


■Turkish Navy to Take Over Fifth Vessel within LCT Project »
The fifth vessel of Landing Craft Tank (LCT) project undertaken by ANADOLU Shipyard for the Turkish Navy, namely TCG Ç-155, will be delivered on June 1st 2012 Friday, Anadolu Shipyard announced on May 29. A...

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USS Abraham Lincoln Participates in Damage Control Olympics »
Sailors assigned to the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) participated in a Damage Control (DC) Olympics while the ship was underway, May 25. The DC Olympics is a practical training competition pitting...

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■Norway: NATO Begins New Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise »
Between 29 May and 06 June 2012, NATO will conduct a new Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise. DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 12, as the exercise is called, will take place off the coast of Norway and involve four submarines,...

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Canadian Navy to Apply New Technologies to Counter Laser-Based Threats »
Cassidian, the defence and security division of EADS, is developing innovative solutions to protect ships of the Canadian Navy against asymmetric laser-based threats. Under the designation LOCATES (Laser Optical Countermeasures and Surveilllance Against Threat Environment...

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International Submarine Rescue Course Kicks-Off in Singapore »
As submarine capabilities gain prominence among navies, it has become critical that nations and submarine operators are assured of a robust rescue system, should mishaps or accidents occur. This was the point made by Head...

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■ANADOLU Shipyard Starts SAT of Sixth Vessel of LCT Project for Turkish Navy »
ANADOLU Shipyard (ADIK) has started on May 28th 2012 Monday Sea Acceptance Tests (SAT) of the Sixth Vessel of Landing Craft Tank (LCT) project undertaken for Turkish Navy. ANADOLU Shiphard has already delivered the first...

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General Dynamics Hands Over Rescue 21 to USCG, Sector San Juan »
The U.S. Coast Guard on May 29 formally accepted the General Dynamics C4 Systems-built Rescue 21 search and rescue communications system now serving Sector San Juan. With the command center located in Old San Juan,...

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U.S. Coast Guard Prepares for Phase Two of TVBP »
The Coast Guard is preparing for Phase Two of the Towing Vessel Bridging Program (TVBP) which begins July 1, 2012. Phase Two will focus on uninspected towing vessels that have not undergone a voluntary industry

TCG C-155アナドル造船所によって行わランディングクラフトタンク(LCT)プロジェクトの第五船体は2012年6月1日金曜日に配信され、アナドル造船は5月29日に発表した。 A. ..


船が進行中の、5月25日であった間に空母エイブラハム·リンカーン(CVN 72)に割り当てられた船員はダメージ·コントロール(DC)オリンピックに参加しました。 DCオリンピックは食実習の競争は...


5月29日から6月6日の間に、NATOは新たな対潜水艦戦演習を実施します。 DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 12は、エクササイズが呼び出されるように、ノルウェー沖の場所を取ると4隻が参加する...


Cassidian、EADSの防衛·安全保障部門は、非対称なレーザーベースの脅威に対するカナダ海軍の船舶を保護するために革新的なソリューションを開発しています。指定位置の下に(レーザー光対策と脅威環境に対してSurveilllance ...










Panetta Travels to Asia to Discuss Refocus on Region 5/30/2012

Blue Ridge Departs Pattaya, Thailand 5/30/2012

Makin Island Sailors, Marines Deliver Food to Elderly in Hong Kong 5/30/2012
Navy Seeks Officers for Specialty Career Path Program 5/30/2012