Finland: ClassNK, NAPA to Provide Best SEEMP Solution

NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI (ClassNK), the world’s largest ship classification society and NAPA, the leading software house for ship design and operations, today announced a collaboration to provide the most comprehensive solution for Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP). The collaborative solution builds upon the in-depth understanding of ship performance in practice delivered by two world-leading [...]

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Mobimar 18 Wind Completes Sea Trials (Finland)

Transfer /windfarm service vessel Mobimar 18 Wind, after it was launched on February 27th, has passed all the conventional sea trials and in addition extra tests from towing 20m by 50m barge to hanging from a crane test. Mobimar 18 Wind was designed and built by Mobimar Ltd. in Turku, Finland and classed by Bureau Veritas, [...]

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Russia: Ministry of Defense Signs Shipbuilding Contract with Pella Shipyard

Recently, JSC Pella shipyard signed the contract with Ministry of Defense of Russia for the construction and delivery of 4 multifunction complex port service vessels on the base of project 03180, the first two vessels of the project are going to be built in 2013. Just few days later, the shipyard successfully launched the tugboat [...]

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Hydrex – Underwater Repair in France Avoids Drydocking

To save time and money for the owners of a 270-meter container vessel that was leaking oil, a Hydrex diver/technician team replaced three stern tube seals, using one of the company’s flexible mobdocks. This enabled the team to carry out the entire operation on-site and underwater during the vessel’s stop in Le Havre. After the [...]

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Italy: Eliche Radice Provides Propeller and Shaft Lines for ‘Alfredo’

Eliche Radice provided propeller and shaft lines for vessel Alfredo which were specifically designed and manufactured in all its characteristics. A 60m long and 2200 gt motor barge, the Alfredo is equipped for international navigation, intended to provide offshore support activities for companies engaged in oil and gas exploration, in construction work or in floating platform [...]

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Brazil: Petrobras Inks Contract for VLCC Vessel Hull Conversion

On May 7 Petrobras signed an agreement for the conversion of four VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) vessels into the hulls of the future P-74, P-75, P-76, and P-77 platforms that will operate in the Transfer of Rights Agreement areas, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. The contract has a total value of US$1.7 billion and [...]

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NYK to Present Its Super Eco Ship 2030 at Expo 2012 (South Korea)

A model of NYK Super Eco Ship 2030,1 NYK’s future concept ship, will be displayed at Expo 2012,2 an international exposition to be held in Yeosu, Korea, from May 12 to August 21. The theme of the expo will be “The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities,” and the event will [...]

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Ship Repair Yards Challenged to Keep Ship Owners’ Investment Costs Low (Sweden)

International environmental regulations for the shipping industry are being tightened and demand a reduction of the emissions of sulphur and nitrous oxides. In order to fulfill these demands, many of which come from the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO), shipping companies are pushed to upgrade their fleets with emission reducing systems. Ship repair and conversion [...]

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Croatia: Uljanik Shipyard Splashes New Ferry Built for ASCSS

Croatian Uljanik shipyard today on May 10th 2012 successfully launched ferry Barda (yard No.498) which is being built for the Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea Shipping Company. The second ferry, to be named Balaken, is going to be launched next month. The contract for the construction of Yards 498 and 499 were signed in May 2011 [...]

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Ukraine: Shipyard Zaliv Completes Construction Works on Next Offshore Vessel

JSC Shipyard Zaliv has completed the construction works on the offshore platform supply vessel of project 832 CD. The vessel was designed by the famous shipbuilding group Havyard International AS. By the words of the General Director Mr. Nikolay Yermak, despite the fact that Zaliv has already worked on the offshore shipbuilding projects this one was a [...]




Mobimar 18風が海上公試を完了(フィンランド)

転送/ウインドファームサービスの容器Mobimar 18風は、それが2月27日に打ち上げられた後、すべての従来の海上公試に合格し、クレーンのテストからぶら下がっへ50メートルはしけによる曳航20メートルからさらに余分なテストにしました。 Mobimar 18風の設計と構築されたMobimar株式会社によってトゥルクで、フィンランド、ビューローベリタスによって分類された[...]




Hydrex - フランスの水中修復Drydocking回避

オイルが漏れました270メートルのコンテナ船の所有者のために時間とお金を節約するために、Hydrexダイバー/技術者チームは、同社の柔軟なmobdocksのいずれかを使用して、3つの船尾管シールを取り替えた。これは、ル·アーブルの船舶の停止中と水中でのオンサイト全体の操作を行うためにチームを可能にしました。 [...]後


イタリア:エリケRadice "アルフレド 'のプロペラとシャフトラインを提供します。

エリケRadiceは、特に、そのすべての特性に設計·製造​​されたプロペラと船アルフレドの軸線を提供しました。 60メートル長い2200 GTモーターはしけ、アルフレドは、工事やフローティングプラットフォームで、石油·ガス探査に従事する企業のオフショア支援活動を提供することを目的として国際的なナビゲーションのために装備されている[...]






NYKスーパーエコシップ2030,1 NYKの将来のコンセプト船のモデルは、5月12日から8月21日にエキスポ2012,2で麗水、韓国で開催される国際博覧会が表示されます。博覧会のテーマは "生きている海と海岸:資源と持続可能な活動の多様性"になりますし、イベントに[...]





2012年5月10日にクロアチアのUljanik造船所今日は、正常にアゼルバイジャン、カスピ海の海運会社用に構築されているフェリーBARDA(ヤードNo.498)を立ち上げました。 Balaken名前が付けられ、2番目のフェリーは、来月発売される予定です。ヤード498と499の建設のための契約は2011年5月に署名された[...]


JSC造船Zalivは、プロジェクト832 CDのオフショアプラットフォーム補給船で工事を完了しています。容器は、有名な造船グループHavyardインターナショナルとして設計されています。局長さん、ニコライYermakの言葉によって、Zalivは、すでにオフショア造船プロジェクトに携わってきましたという事実にもかかわらず、この1つは、[...]であった


18:20 Найден пропавший год назад в Охотском море траулер "Аметист"

11.05 18:10 Военнослужащие корабельных соединений Каспийской флотилии повышают свой профессионализм

11.05 18:05 Ракетные корабли Балтийского флота успешно выполнили боевые стрельбы

11.05 11:50 Командующий ВВО посетил крейсер "Варяг"

11.05 11:22 В Севастополе открылась выставка старшего мичмана Сергея Шевченко

11.05 11:18 Делегация главного оперативного командования Вооруженных сил Норвегии завершила визит на Северный флот

11.05 11:02 В ходе международного учения "Балтик-Сарекс 2012" спасательный буксир Балтийского флота успешно решил все поставленные задачи


午前18時20分オホーツク海トロール "アメジスト"に欠落している一年前に発見



11時50分TSBコマンダーは、巡洋艦 "ワリヤーグ"を訪れました


ノルウェーのArmed Forcesの11時18委任チーフ運用コマンドは北方艦隊への訪問を完了し

11時02分演習 "バルト-Sareks 2012"レスキュー綱引きバルト艦隊時に正常にすべてのタスクを解決しました


NZ Defence Force Announces Participation in RIMPAC 2012 »
The NZ Defence Force will be participating in the world’s largest international maritime exercise, Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC 2012), conducted near Hawaii from 29 June to 3 August. HMNZS TE KAHA, HMNZS ENDEAVOUR,...

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Russia: Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov Appointed as New Navy Commander »
Dmitry Medvedev endorsed a decree appointing Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov new Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief. According to press service of presidential administration, VADM Viktor Chirkov was appointed Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief by the decree dated May 6,...

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Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Delivers USS Virginia Back to Fleet »
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY) delivered USS Virginia (SSN 774) back to the fleet following the completion of the first major maintenance availability for the Virginia class, May 5. The ship arrived at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard...

May 11 2012

South China Sea Fleet Completes Three-Dimensional Landing Exercise »
A three-dimensional landing drill started recently in waters of the South China Sea. A landing ship flotilla under the South China Sea Fleet of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) cooperated...

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USA: Secretary of Defense Announces Navy Flag Officer Nominations »
Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta announced May 10 that the President has made the following nominations: Navy Capt. John D. Alexander has been nominated for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half)....

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HMAS Newcastle Provides Support to Long Navigation Course »
Navigating the picturesque confines of the north and south islands of New Zealand proved to be the perfect training assessment for HMAS Newcastle. In her capacity as the training task group ship, HMAS Newcastle deployed...

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HMS Cattistock to Return to Poole, UK »
Royal Navy warship HMS Cattistock will return to her affiliated town of Poole on Friday, May 11 for the second time in just two months, during which the ship will be open to visitors. The...

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Chinese Navy Training Ship ‘Zheng He’ Visits Kochi »
Chinese Navy (Peoples Liberation Army Navy- PLA Navy) Training Ship ‘Zheng He’ called at Kochi todate on 09 May 12. Rear Admiral Liao Shining Deputy Chief of Naval Staff PLAN was embarked on board as...

■【NZ国防軍】RIMPAC 2012への参加を発表»
NZ国防軍は、世界最大の国際海上演習、6月29日から8月3日にハワイの近くに行った太平洋(RIMPAC 2012年)の行使リムに参加します。 HMNZS TEニ - コンドミニアムリゾート、HMNZSエンデバー、...


ポーツマス海軍造船所(PNSY)はバージニアクラス、5月5日の最初の主要なメンテナンスの可用性の完了後に戻って艦隊のUSSバージニア(SSN 774)が配信されます。船はポーツマス海軍造船所に到着した...


国防長官レオンE.パネッタは、大統領には、次の指名を行ったこと5月10日発表した海軍大尉ジョンD. Alexanderは少将(下半分)の地位に任命にノミネートされています....

HMASニューカッスル ロングナビゲーションコースへのサポートを提供します»

プール、イギリスに戻りHMS Cattistock»
イギリス海軍の軍艦HMS Cattistock船は観光客に開放される時には、わずか2ヶ月で二度目の5月11日(金曜日)にプールの彼女の傘下町に戻ります。 ...

中国海軍の練習船 "鄭和"コーチを訪問»
中国海軍(人民解放軍海軍、海軍)練習船 "鄭和" 5月09日コーチTODATEで呼び出される。海軍スタッフPLANの少将遼シャイニング·次長は、次のようにボードに着手しました...


USS Blue Ridge Sailors Work to Sustain Indonesian Partnership 5/11/2012
MCPON Sends Military Spouse Message 2012 5/11/2012

Singapore, Indonesia launch enhanced sea surveillance system (CNA) 5/11/2012
Navy surface ships in San Diego will get new leader (U-T San Diego) 5/11/2012