10:55 Пропавший с корабля Тихоокеанского флота мичман найден мертвым

29.05 10:47 ВМС Австралии и Республики Кореи проведут первое двустороннее учение

【カナダ海軍」10:40 Фрегат Regina ВМС Канады отправится на Ближний Восток

29.05 10:32 На заседании Военного совета Балтийского флота уточнены задачи на летний период обучения

【フランス海軍】10:26 Французский фрегат "Де Грасс" готовится зайти в Североморск

29.05 10:18 Минобороны подписало контракт на поставку "Бореев"

【米海軍】18:06 Авианосец Harry S. Truman готовится к сертификации полетной палубы

28.05 17:45 Обеспечивать безопасность Олимпиады-2012 будет самый крупный корабль ВМС Великобритании

28.05 17:33 Корабли Черноморского флота посетила делегация Воронежской и Борисоглебской епархии

28.05 17:27 Во Владивостоке пройдет чемпионат Тихоокеанского флота по стрельбе из штатного и табельного оружия

28.05 17:24 Отряд кораблей Каспийской флотилии возвратился из сбор-похода

28.05 17:17 На палубе российского авианосца проведут хоккейный матч

28.05 15:16 Вице-адмирал А.Римашевский уволен в запас, но остается на своем посту

28.05 11:16 ВМФ до конца года получит три отремонтированных подлодки

28.05 11:08 Подводную лодку "Калуга" спустили на воду после модернизации

28.05 10:47 Сообщения о срыве или отсрочке подписания контрактов по "Бореям" и "Ясеням" не соответствуют действительности - ОСК

28.05 10:24 На Каспийской флотилии прошло показное антитеррористическое учение






■【フランス海軍】午前10時26分フリゲート艦 "デ·グラース"はセベロモルスクに行くされてい

10時18分防衛省は "北風"の供給契約を締結


■18:06 USSハリーS.トルーマンは、フライトデッキの認証を準備している





ロシアの空母の甲板上28.05 17:17は、ホッケーの試合を開催します


28.05 11時16分今年の終わりまで海軍は、3改装された潜水艦を受け取る

28.05 11時08潜水艦は、 "カルーガ"はアップグレード後に開始されました

"北風"と "アッシュ"は現実に対応していないために契約の署名を中断または遅延の28.05午前10時47レポート - USC

カスピ小艦隊に28.05 10:24目立つ反テロ演習であった



Brothers-In-Arms Complete Training on the Same Day
28/05/2012 15:12:00
There was a clash of dates for a family from Mildenhall when two brothers completed their basic military training on the same day.

HMS Ardent's "Mac" MacAulay Remembered by Yeovilton Lynx Squadron
28/05/2012 14:10:00
A much respected member of 815 Naval Air Squadron of 30 years ago, killed during the Falklands War was remembered when his son Justin was hosted by the Lynx Squadron and shown around where his father worked at the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton.

Naval Base Learners Benefit From New Facility
28/05/2012 12:04:00
HM Naval Base Clyde’s Education and Resettlement Centre officially opened a brand new facility recently during Adult Learners’ Week.


Britain and America’s star ships join forces as Daring exercises with the Enterprise
28/05/2012 11:38:00
Britain’s most advanced warship joined forces with the world’s most famous aircraft carrier in the Middle East. HMS Daring spent five days working with the USS Enterprise – popularly known as the Big E – for the second time in their careers.

HMS Brocklesby Completes Phase One OST
28/05/2012 11:27:00
HMS Brocklesby has progressed into her third week of Operational Sea Training, assessing the abilities of both the Ship and MCM 2 Crew 3 prior to their OP KIPION deployment in the summer.


Olympic Torch at BRNC
28/05/2012 10:39:00
Britannia Royal Naval College played host to the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay on day two of its epic journey around the country.

From Diving With Dolphins to Soaring With Eagles
28/05/2012 09:58:00
Aircrew and aircraft engineers from 845 Naval Air Squadron were rather perplexed when they spotted 3 venerable submariners who are serving with the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) in deep discussion inside one of their Sea King helicopters. On further examination they discovered the submariners were attempting to enhance the aircraft’s...

RNRMC Sponsored Field Gun Competition Results
26/05/2012 15:50:00
Portsmouth win the Brickwoods Field Gun Trophy at Collingwood.

Navy Reservist Retires After 33 Years
25/05/2012 13:46:00
A Royal Navy Reservist who has trained thousands of reservists for duties across the globe has hung up his cap after 33 years in uniform.


Lomar Orders New Container Ships from Chinese Shipyard

Lomar has increased its fleet size further with an order for up to six new container ships. The 1,100 nominal TEU capacity vessels are geared and have a homogeneous load capability of 705 TEU at 14mt/TEU. These vessels are being built by Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd., a successful private shipyard in China with over 50 [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Asia Pacific,Company News,Europe & Eurasia,Featured,Headlines,News by topic,NEWS category,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News | Read More »
UAE: Topaz Inks Phase One of USD 330 Million Loan Agreement

UAE-based Topaz Energy and Marine Ltd. (Topaz), a leading oilfield services multinational and a subsidiary of Renaissance Services, has signed phase one of a US$ 330 million loan agreement with a syndicate of banks towards the refinancing of some of its existing loans. The deal paves the way for extra liquidity and new investments in [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Company News,Featured,Middle East,News by topic,NEWS category,Offshore News,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News,Top Stories | Read More »
France: Christening of MSC Divina

On Saturday evening in Marseille, France, the latest jewel in the MSC Cruises’ fleet, MSC Divina, was christened in suitably elegant style by international screen legend Sophia Loren. The exclusive high-profile event included a gala dinner and entertainment from illustrious performers in the company of international celebrities, selected guests, media, authorities and the top management [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Company News,Europe & Eurasia,Featured,Ferry & Cruise News,News by topic,NEWS category,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News,Top Stories | Read More »
Japan: MHI, Imabari Agree on Collaboration in Container Carrier Technology

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. have signed a technological collaboration agreement on container carriers. The initiative aims to combine MHI’s technological capabilities, as in the development of energy-saving vessels, and Imabari’s strong cost competitiveness, in order to establish an advantageous framework for competing in the international shipbuilding market. By effectively [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Asia Pacific,Company News,Equipment News,Featured,News by topic,NEWS category,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News,Top Stories | Read More »
UAE: Chairman of Emirates Group Receives Shell’s Prelude FLNG Construction Teams

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation and Chairman of Emirates Group, welcomed Khamis Juma Buamim Chairman, Drydocks World and Maritime World and heads and senior executives of the teams involved in the building of Shell’s Prelude FLNG project. The delegation comprised of Mr. Jean Marc Aubry President Technip [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Company News,Featured,Middle East,News by topic,NEWS category,Offshore News,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News,Top Stories | Read More »
Turkey: Besiktas Shipyard Launches Tanker for Palmali Group

Besiktas Shipyard on May 24th 2012 successfully carried out the launching ceremony for the sixth tanker of RST22M Project named Bakhtiar Vahabzade being constructed for Palmali Group. The vessel is a 7.100 DWT tanker, under Armada series, of Project RST22M that Palmali Group ordered from Besiktas Shipyard. The Project RST22M product tankers are successors of Project [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Also in the news,Company News,Europe & Eurasia,Featured,News by topic,NEWS category,Press releases,Shipbuilding News,Shipping News | Read More »
South Korea: Hyundai Heavy Secures Rig Order from Fred. Olsen

A wholly owned subsidiary of Fred. Olsen Energy ASA has entered into a turnkey contract with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. for the building of a harsh environment ultra deepwater semi submersible drilling rig with scheduled delivery in March 2015. Total project cost is estimated to USD 700 million (including spare parts, owner furnished equipment [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Asia Pacific,Company News,Featured,Headlines,News by topic,NEWS category,Offshore News,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News | Read More »
UK: Alnmaritec Announces Delivery of Its New ‘Wave Captain’ Class

Alnmaritec, the specialist aluminium boat builder based in Northumberland, recently announced the delivery of the first of its new ‘Wave Captain’ class of Wind Farm Support Vessels. The new design is a derivative of the larger Wave Master class vessels which have proved highly successful in service and features the unique high efficiency hull form [...]

May 28, 2012 | Posted in Also in the news,Company News,Europe & Eurasia,Featured,News by topic,NEWS category,Offshore News,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News,Shipping News | Read More »
Sweden: New Vessel Concept by Pallas Shipping

Pallas Shipping has developed a new vessel concepts in the form of a tanker that is designed according to the latest environmental and safety requirements. The Tanker, which has a cargo capacity of about 1700 tons are designed to operate as a bunkering vessel which place high demands on maneuverability, safety and technical standars. Negotiation [...]

May 27, 2012 | Posted in Company News,Europe & Eurasia,Featured,News by topic,NEWS category,Press releases,Regional news,Shipbuilding News,Shipping News,Top Stories | Read More »
Japan: Aquarius MRE System – Lab Testing Commences

Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP) on Friday announced that lab testing of its Aquarius MRE System – a revolutionary wind & solar power solution for ships – will commence in a test facility in Osaka, Japan from early June. This is a significant move forward as it takes the project into the prototype testing [...]


Lomarは、最大6つの新しいコンテナ船のために一層の艦隊のサイズを増加しています。 1100公称TEU容量の船舶は対象とし14mt/TEUで705万TEUの均一な負荷能力を持っています。これらの船舶はYangzijiang造船(ホールディングス)有限公司、50以上の中国で成功した民間造船所で建造されている[...]


UAE:USD 330万ドルの融資契約のトパーズインキフェーズワン




マルセイユ、フランスの土曜日の夕方に、MSCクルーズ "艦隊、MSCヴィナ、最新の宝石は、国際的な画面伝説ソフィア·ローレンで適切にエレガントなスタイルで洗礼を受けました。排他的な知名度の高いイベントは、国際的な有名人、選択されたお客様、メディア、当局と経営陣の会社の高名な演奏からガラディナーとエンターテイメント[...]が含まれてい









2012年5月24日にベシクタシュ造船所は、正常にPalmaliグループのために構築されているBakhtiar Vahabzade名前RST22Mプロジェクトの第六タンカーの進水式を行った。容器はPalmaliグループはベシクタシュ造船所から発注したプロジェクトRST22Mの7.100 DWTタンカー、アルマダシリーズの下で、です。プロジェクトRST22M製品のタンカーは、プロジェクトの後継である[...]





英国:Alnmaritecは、新しい "ウェーブキャプテンクラスの配信を発表

Alnmaritec、ノーサンバーランド州に拠点を置く専門家のアルミボートビルダーは、最近の風力発電支援船の新 "ウェーブキャプテンクラスの最初の配信を発表しました。新しいデザインは、サービスに非常に成功し、ユニークな高効率の船型[...]を搭載した大規模なウェーブマスタークラス血管の誘導体である





日本:水瓶座MREシステム - ラボのテストが開始

船の革命的な風力発電&太陽光発電ソリューション - - 6月上旬から大阪、日本のテスト施設で開始される金曜日にエコマリンパワー株式会社(EMP)は、水瓶座MREシステムのそのラボでのテストを発表しました。これは、プロトタイプのテストにプロジェクトを取るように前方に重要な動きである[...]

【NAVAL TODAY】5月28日配信

INS Tarkash Completes Dockside Trials Program »
Being the second out of three Project 11356 frigates built by JSC Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad, Russia) for Indian Navy, frigate INS Tarkash (stands for “Quiver”) has completed dockside trials program and on May 24 was...May 28 2012

Damage Assessment of USS Miami Fire Underway »
Assessment of the extent of damages onboard the USS Miami nuclear submarine (SSN 755) which caught on fire on Wednesday night, while docked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine, is underway. Preliminary results indicate...May 28 2012 / No comment / Read More »

HMAS Ballarat to Hold Inaugural Maritime Exercise with Korean Navy »
The Anzac Class Guided Missile Frigate, HMAS Ballarat, continues its North East Asian deployment after completing a successful exercise with the Chinese Navy it will conduct a port visit and exercise with the Republic of...May 28 2012 / No comment / Read More »

【インド海軍】帆船 コーチン港へ帰国

Indian Navy Sailing Vessel Mhadei Sails into Kochi Port »
Indian Navy Sailing Vessel Mhadei sailed into Kochi Port after completing a grueling 5000 nautical mile odyssey to South East Asia. The vessel skippered by Lieutenant Commander Abhilash Tomy, a Navy Pilot by profession, was...May 28 2012 / No comment / Read More »

Russia: Participants Agree on Terms of Northern Eagle 2012 Joint Naval Exercise »
Final planning conference of the Northern Eagle 2012 joint naval exercise finished in Murmansk. Representatives of Russian, Norwegian, and US navies agreed upon terms of the exercise and participating forces. Crews of destroyer Admiral Chabanenko...May 28 2012 / No comment / Read More »

HMAS Ballarat, Chinese Navy Frigate Anqing Conclude PASSEX »
The Royal Australian Navy has completed a maritime exercise with the Chinese Navy as part of a highly successful visit to the People’s Republic of China. Australia is committed to further developing strong and positive...May 28 2012 / No comment / Read More »

RFA Argus Sets Sail to North America »
Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Argus has set sail to North America to get ready for the hurricane season. Onboard are a team from the Royal Navy’s Maritime Aviation Support Force (MASF), and they are ready...May 28 2012

USS Makin Island Visits Hong Kong »
The amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8), along with the embarked 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), arrived in Hong Kong May 25 for a port visit. More than 2,000 Sailors and Marines are...