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Shipbuilding News

Contracts for Construction of World’s First NOBS Tankers Signed

Recently shipbuilding contracts were signed regarding the construction of two 6,500 DWT and two 4,500 DWT NOBS (Non Sea Water Ballast Ship) Bunker Tankers, the projects are united to invest by Zhejiang Huayun Shipping Co Ltd and Guangdong Zhanjiang Fuda Shipping (Fuel) Co Ltd and will be constructed by Ningbo East Shipyard Co Ltd. This [...]

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Norway: Edda Accommodation Enters Two New Contracts

Edda Accommodation, a company controlled by Østensjø Rederi, has recently signed two new contracts for the accommodation vessel Edda Fides. Based on the experience with Edda Fides, the company is now building two new accommodation units. By entering into two new contracts, Edda Accommodation has secured the utilization of Edda Fides until the end of [...]

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South Korea: Hyundai Heavy Secures LNG Vessel Order from BGC

Brunei Gas Carriers Sendirian Berhad, BGC has inked a contract with Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd of the Republic of Korea on construction of a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessel followed by signing of financial agreements for the construction, RTB News informed. The signatories of the Shipbuilding Contract Hull No 2606 were Managing Director of [...]

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Yantar Shipyard Delivers INS Teg to Indian Navy

On April 27th at the solemn ceremony Shipyard Yantar (member of United Shipbuilding Corporation ) has handed over the Frigate Teg («Sabre») to the Indian Navy. Delivery- Acceptance Act was signed by the Head of Naval Department of JSC Rosoboronexport Oleg Azizov and the Commanding Officer of Indian crew Capt. Rakesh Kumar Dahiya. Right after [...]

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Seadrill Orders Sixth Drillship from Samsung Heavy (South Korea)

Seadrill continues to see strong demand for modern ultra-deepwater drilling rigs driven by high oil prices and large deep-water discoveries and increased development drilling. Specific interest, mainly from operators in West Africa and the Americas, demonstrate a trend towards higher day rates and longer term contracts. With yard costs at very attractive levels and Seadrill’s [...]

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China: Rongsheng, DNV Ink Classification Agreement for Ten Suezmaxes

28 April 2012, China Rongsheng Heavy Industries has signed a classification agreement for ten 157,000 DWT suezmaxes and held a senior management conference. China Rongsheng and DNV have established profound strategic partnership for years. The newly-signed classification agreement for the ten 157,000 DWT suezmaxes not only strengthens the partnership between the two parties, but also [...]

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BAE Systems to Showcase at OTC 2012 in Houston, USA

BAE Systems will showcase a range of shipbuilding and repair capabilities for commercial customers at the 2012 Offshore Technology Conference, April 30 – May 3 at the Reliant Center in Houston. With more than 5,000 experienced project managers and highly skilled tradespeople, BAE Systems has logged millions of man-hours with proven success in dry-dock and [...]

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AET Takes Delivery of First Eco-Design Suezmax Tankers (South Korea)

Recognising the ever increasing demand for more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vessels, leading tanker owner/operator, AET, has taken delivery of the first of four “eco-design” Suezmax tankers. These are the first Suezmax vessels to be owned by the company. Built by Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea, the first 157,000 dwt vessel was delivered and [...]

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3rd Serial Tanker of Project 2734 for BFC Launched (Russia)

St. Petersburg-based shipyard Baltiysky Zavod yesterday, April 26, held a launching and christening ceremony for the third vessel of a series of four non-self propelled oil tankers of Project 2734, ordered by Baltic Fuel Company (BFC). The vessel was named “Mira.” The RUB 400 million turn-key contract for four tankers was signed between the shipbuilding [...]

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Russia: Pella Shipyard Conducts Mooring Trials for Navy Tugs

Pella Shipyard, the leading company in Russian tug building market, is conducting the mooring trials for tug No 621 of project 16609 and tug No 502 of project PE-65. Both tugs are being built for the Russian Navy. The first tug of project 16609 is an Azimuth tug intended for harbor, coastal and offshore towing and [...]


最近の造船契約は、2つの6500 DWTと2 4500 DWT NOBS(非海水バラスト船)バンカータンカーの建設に関する調印された、プロジェクトは浙江Huayun送料のCo株式会社と広東省湛江市布田商品(燃料)有限公司によって投資するために団結しており、寧波東造船株式会社株式会社によって構築され、この[...]






ブルネイガスキャリアSendirian Berhadは、BGCは、建設のための財政協定の調印に続いて新たな液化天然ガス(LNG)船の建設に韓国の現代重工業(株)と契約を結んでいる、RTBニュースが伝えた。造船契約のハルはありません2606の署名者のマネージング·ディレクターを務めていた[...]


Yantarの造船所は、インド海軍にINS TEGを提供

4月27日に厳粛な儀式の造船Yantarの(米国造船株式会社のメンバー)で、インド海軍にフリゲートTEG(«セイバー»)を引き渡しました。配達·アクセプタンス法は海軍JSC RosoboronexportオレグAzizov学科とインドのクルー大尉ラケッシュクマールDahiyaの司令官のヘッドによって署名されました。右の後[...]






2012年4月28日、中国栄勝重工業は10 157000 DWT suezmaxesの分類契約を締結し、上級管理職会議を開催しています。中国栄勝とDNVは何年も深遠な戦略的パートナーシップを確立しています。 10 157000 DWT suezmaxesのために新たに署名された分類契約は両当事者間のパートナーシップを強化するだけでなく、[...]だけでなく、


BAE Systemsは、ヒューストン、アメリカではOTC 2012で披露

BAEシステムズは2012年4月30日オフショア技術会議で商業顧客のために造船と修理能力の範囲を紹介します - 5月3日ヒューストンのリライアント·センターで。 5,000以上の経験豊富なプロジェクトマネージャと熟練した商人と、BAEシステムズは、ドライドックと実証済みの成功を収めて工数の何百万人を記録した[...]



認識効率が高い燃料と環境にやさしい船舶、主要なタンカーの所有者/オペレータ、AETのための増え続ける需要には、4つの "エコデザイン"スエズタンカーの最初の引渡しを受けた。これらは会社によって所有される最初のスエズ船です。韓国のサムスン重工業によって建てられ、最初の157000トンの船が配信され、[...]



サンクトペテルブルクベースの造船所Baltiyskyメールを送る企業は昨日、4月26日、バルト海の燃料会社(BFC)によって順序付けられたプロジェクト2734の4つの非自己走油タンカーのシリーズ、第三の容器のために起動し、洗礼式を開催しました。容器は、 "ミラ"と名付けられた4タンカーのRUB4億ターンキー契約は造船との間で署名された


UK: HMS Atherstone Sailors on Final Stages of Training »
The crew of the Hunt-class ship have been given seven weeks of intensive training to prepare them for their impending mission – training which culminates this week off Scotland alongside some 30 British and foreign...

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NASSCO to Launch T-AKE Dry Cargo Ship Built for US Navy »
On Saturday, May 5, NASSCO will launch the last of the 14 T-AKE dry cargo ships that it has built for the Navy. The christening and launch will occur at NASSCO’s shipyard in Barrio Logan...

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Russia: JSC Almaz Shipyard Launches Corvette Makhachkala »
Project 21630 corvette Makhachkala was launched on Apr 27 at JSC Almaz Shipbuilding Firm. It is third and the last Buyan-class corvette built in St. Petersburg for Caspian Flotilla. The brief meeting was attended by...

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ADF, Indonesian Armed Forces Target Illegal Fishing »
llegal fishing has been the focus of a joint Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Indonesian Armed Forces operation that concluded in Darwin today. The third Australian-Indonesian coordinated maritime security patrol, AUSINDO CORPAT 2012, started in...

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USS San Juan Holds Change of Command Ceremony »
Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS San Juan (SSN 751), held a change of command ceremony aboard the submarine at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Conn., April 27. Cmdr. Ollie Lewis was relieved by...

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USS Wasp, MEU 26 Visit Port Everglades Elderly »
Forty Sailors and Marines from amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1) and Marine Expeditionary Unit 26 (MEU 26) visited veterans and the seniors at a veteran’s community and an elderly care facility in Broward...

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Sri Lankan Navy Returns from Exercise DOSTI-XI »
Sri Lanka Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel, SLNS Sagara, which took part in the coastguard exercise “DOSTI – XI” held in the seas off Male from 23rd to 27th April 2012, returned on 29th April 2012...

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HMS Echo Becomes First Royal Navy Vessel in ‘The Gateway of India’ »
Survey ship HMS Echo became the first Royal Navy vessel in ‘the gateway of India’ in five years when she sailed into the metropolis that is Mumbai. It allowed a change of some crew


機雷掃海艇の乗組員は彼らの差し迫った任務のためにそれらを準備するための集中トレーニングの7週間与えられている - 約30英国と外国と一緒にスコットランドから今週クライマックスの訓練を...


5月5日(土)に、NASSCOそれは海軍のために組み込まれている14 T-AKE乾貨物船の最後を起動します。洗礼式と打ち上げは、バリオ·ローガンにNASSCOの造船所で発生します。...




llegal釣りは、共同オーストラリア軍(ADF)、今日のダーウィンに締結し、インドネシア国軍操作の焦点となっている。第三のオーストラリア·インドネシア協調海事保安パトロール、AUSINDO CORPAT 2012、インチを開始...


ロス級攻撃潜水艦USSサンファン(SSN 751)、グロトン、コネチカット州、4月27日の海軍潜水艦基地ニューロンドンで潜水艦に乗って司令官の交代式典を開催しました。少佐。オリー·ルイスは次式で安心しました...


USSワスプ、MEU 26訪問ポートエバーグレーズ高齢者»
強襲揚陸艦USSワスプ(LHD 1)と第26海兵遠征ユニットから40名水兵と海兵隊(MEU 26)はベテランとベテランのコミュニティとブロワードの高齢者介護施設における高齢者を訪問しました...


スリランカ海軍の海上巡視船、沿岸警備隊の演習に参加しましたSLNS相良、 "DOSTI - XI"は4月23日から29日に返される4月27日、オスオフの海で開催された...


HMSエコーは、 "インドのゲートウェイ"の最初の海軍船になります»
彼女はムンバイ大都市に出航したときに調査船HMSエコーは5年間で "インドの玄関口"で最初にイギリス海軍の船になりました。これは、いくつかの乗組員の変更を許可


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