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River class leaves Raleigh’s rookie sailors ‘buzzing’
25/04/2012 14:57:00

Rookie sailors at HMS Raleigh are learning the basics of navigation, boat handling and life at sea with three days on the water around Plymouth and Torpoint. The fundamentals of seafaring were introduced to the revamped ten-week course, which turns civvies into sailors, last year and has become the highlight...

Management recognition for the men and women of the P2000s
25/04/2012 14:28:00

The men and women of the Navy's First Patrol Boat Squadron have been recognised for their contribution to professional management.

771 rescuers draw record crowds to lifesaving exhibition
25/04/2012 12:43:00

Aircrew from the Culdrose-based Search and Rescue 771 Squadron proudly showed off their Sea King helicopter at the exhibition dedicated to lifesaving in the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth – attracting record visitor numbers.

Top award for HMS Echo's AB Sally Owen
25/04/2012 12:30:00

HMS Echo's AB Sally Owen has been awarded a prestigious award for her excellence in hydrographic and meteorological training.

World War 2 hero laid to rest at sea by HMS Ledbury
25/04/2012 12:14:00

Minehunter HMS Ledbury took a break from her duties with a NATO force in the Mediterranean to commit to the sea the ashes of Petty Officer Charles Henry Walker, a hero of the Malta convoys of World War 2.






Culdroseベースの検索と誇らしげに救助隊771から乗務員は、国立海洋博物館、ファルマスで救命に専念展示会で、その海のキングヘリコプターを披露した - 記録の訪問者数を集めている。



第2次世界大戦の英雄はHMS Ledburyので海に安置さ

機雷掃討艇HMS Ledburyの海の下士官チャールズ·ヘンリー·ウォーカー、第2次世界大戦のマルタ輸送船団の主人公の灰にコミットする地中海でNATOの力で職務から休憩を取った。

RFA Fort Victoria commemorates the sinking of RMS Titanic
25/04/2012 11:58:00

RFA Fort Victoria conducted a ceremony to mark the loss of the Titanic while working with the Combined Task Force in the Gulf of Aden.

Action exercise climaxes with Royal Marines invading Scottish shores
25/04/2012 11:28:00

The largest military exercise in Europe this year is drawing to a close off the west coast of Scotland today and tomorrow. Nearly 4,000 sailors and Royal Marines are taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior which involves more than 30 ships and submarines from half a dozen nations

Ready teddy go for Dauntless in Lisbon
25/04/2012 11:02:00

■HMS Dauntless visited Lisbon in Portugal on her journey to the South Atlantic, bringing a new crewmember - Percy the bear.

Scottish patrol boat HMS Dasher honours her tragic wartime forebear
25/04/2012 10:29:00

Archer-class patrol ship HMS Dasher paid her respects to her predecessor of 70 years ago laying a wreath at the site of the escort aircraft carrier's loss.






パーシークマ - 不屈のHMSは新しい乗組員をもたらす、南大西洋に彼女の旅にポルトガルのリスボンを訪問しました。

スコットランドの巡視船HMS Dasherの優等彼女の悲劇的な戦時の先祖

アーチャークラスの巡視船HMS Dasherのは70年前の護衛空母の損失のサイトで献花の彼女の前任者に彼女の敬意を払った。


Russia: Launching for Eighth Diving Support Vessel of Project A160

ZNT Yard yesterday, on April 24th, conducted the launching ceremony for the eighth Diving Support Vessel of Project A160 (yard No. 809) named Vodoloaz Sazonov. The project is made by ZNT-yard together with “Agat Design Bureau” Ltd. The vessels of Project A160, funded through the federal target program “Development of Transport System of Russia (2010-2015)”, were ordered by [...]

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Turkey: ANADOLU Shipyard Launches Seventh LCT Vessel

At the end of March ANADOLU Shipyard (ADIK) successfully launched the seventh vessel of Landing Craft Tank (LCT) Project the NB 229 (C-157). The construction of the vessel started in 2011 and the hull was completed in November 2011. The first ship of the project was delivered to Turkish Naval Forces in early March, the NB [...]

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Germany: Largest Becker Mewis Duct for VLCC Delivered

Becker Marine Systems has delivered the largest Becker Mewis Duct® ever made with a diameter of 8.10 m for the construction of Very Large Crude Oil Carriers (VLCC) at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries for Samco Shipholding, Singapore. This order is just one example of the excellent reception being given to the Becker Mewis Duct®, especially [...]

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Russia: FSUE Rosmorport’s New Vessel Launched

Moscow Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Plant P.C. on April 20th successfully launched the first boat in a series of six Multi Purpose Boats of project MPB14 ordered by Rosmorport



ZNTヤード昨日、4月24日に、Vodoloazサゾーノフという名前のプロジェクトA160(ヤード第809)の第八潜水作業支援船のために進水式を行った。プロジェクトは "アガット設計局"(株)プロジェクトA160の船と一緒にZNTヤードで作られ、連邦ターゲットプログラムを通じて資金を提供し、 "ロシアの交通システム(2009-2015)の開発" [によって命じられた... ]


月アナドル造船所(ADIK)の最後に成功した上陸用舟艇タンク(LCT)プロジェクトNB 229(C-157)の第七の容器を開始しました。容器の建設は2011年に開始され、船体は2011年11月に完成しました。プロジェクトの最初の船は月上旬にトルコ海軍に引き渡された、NB [...]



ロシア:FSUE Rosmorportの新しい船が進水

モスクワ造船ShiprepairingプラントP.C. 4月20日に成功したRosmorport順プロジェクトMPB14の6多目的ボートのシリーズの最初のボートを開始



25/04/2012 L’amiral Rogel reçoit le chef d’état-major de la marine australienne
25/04/2012 Le n° 2991 de Cols Bleus est paru !
25/04/2012 Championnats de France de voile à l’École navale

25/04/2012 Le patrouilleur Cormoran en entraînement en mer Baltique et mer du Nord


Yantar Shipyard to Deliver INS Teg to Indian Navy on April 27 »
Project 11356 lead frigate INS Teg built by Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad) will be triumphantly handed over to Indian Navy on Apr 27. The handover act subscription ceremony and hoisting of Indian naval ensign will start...

April 25 2012

Turkey: ANADOLU Shipyard Launches C-157 »
At the end of March ANADOLU Shipyard (ADIK) successfully launched the seventh vessel of Landing Craft Tank (LCT) Project the NB 229 (C-157). The construction of the vessel started in 2011 and the hull was completed...

April 25 2012
Russia: Research Ship Seliger Completes Sea Trials »
Sea trials of Project 11982 research ship Seliger built by JSC Yantar Shipyard for Russian Navy are taking place in Baltiysk, the yard’s press service told Central Navy Portal. Research ship Seliger was developed by...

April 25 2012
FS Guepratte Joins EU NAVFOR »
The Counter-Piracy force of the European Union (EU NAVFOR), typically comprising 4 – 7 Surface Combat Vessels patrolling the Gulf of Aden and Horn of Africa, was joined by the French navy frigate FS Guépratte...

April 25 2012
UK: BMT Confirmed as Sub-Contractor for Royal Navy’s MARS »
BMT Defence Services Ltd, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has been confirmed as a sub-contractor for the Royal Navy’s MARS (Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability) Tanker project, supported by sister companies, BMT Reliability Consultants...

April 25 2012
Black Sea Fleet Large Seagoing Replenishment Tanker Heads for Gulf of Aden »
Black Sea Fleet (BSF) large seagoing replenishment tanker Ivan Bubnov has successfully passed the straits and entered the Mediterranean Sea with the view to reach the Gulf of Aden. The tanker’s task is to maintain...

April 25 2012

USS Underwood Departs on Final Deployment »
USS Underwood (FFG 36) departed on its final deployment in support of Southern Seas 2012, April 23. The deployment will begin by participating in Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMTUEX) with the Eisenhower Strike Group as...

April 25 2012

India’s DRDO to Hold Trials of Domestically-Developed Hypersonic Ramjet »
India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) will hold trials of domestically-developed hypersonic combustion ramjet in 2013, reports PTI referring to DRDO director Vijay Kumar Saraswat. According to him, the propulsion system will be capable...

【インド海軍】4月27日INS TEG/Yantarの造船所(カリーニングラード)
4月27日にインド海軍にINS TEGを提供するためにYantarの造船所»
Yantarの造船所(カリーニングラード)によって建てられたプロジェクト11356フリゲートリードINS TEGは意気揚々と04月27日、インド海軍に引き渡されます。ハンドオーバ行為のサブスクリプション式とインド海軍の旗の掲揚が開始されます...


月アナドル造船所(ADIK)の最後に成功した上陸用舟艇タンク(LCT)プロジェクトNB 229(C-157)の第七の船体を開始しました。船体の建設は2011年に開始され、船体が完成しました...

ロシア海軍のJSC Yantarの造船所によって建てられたプロジェクト11982研究船Seligerの海上公試がBaltiyskで行われて、庭のプレスサービスは、中央海軍ポータルを語った。研究船Seligerが開発されました...

FS Guepratteは、EU NAVFORに参加»
一般的に請求項4】欧州連合(EU NAVFOR)のカウンター海賊力 - アデンとアフリカの角湾をパトロール7表面の戦闘船は、フランス海軍フリゲートFSGuépratteが加わりました...



USSアンダーウッド(FFG 36)は南部の海2012年4月23日のサポートで、最終的な配備に出発した。展開は、アイゼンハワーストライク·グループとの複合トレーニングユニット演習(COMTUEX)に参加することによって開始されます...



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